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Welcome to AABOWman Management Support Services, an independent consulting enterprise providing management, strategic planning and analysis services to senior executives in a variety of business opportunities. Our strong life and health insurance industry knowledge and extensive industry experience has led to improved regulatory compliance, effective and cost saving process designs, and to quantifiable bottom line results. AABOWman Management Support Servicesí provides broad business experience that is both cross-functional and cross-industry.  In addition to insurance, we bring experience with mid-sized businesses in the educational publishing and internet services arenas. Our success stories include participation in turnaround management projects that led to exceptional gains for investors, long-term business process management assignments resulting in sustained cost savings and significant value added, and program development supporting full compliance with regulatory requirements.  

It is the purpose of AABOWman Management Support Services to aid each business enterprise to develop and execute a defined strategic vision and to motivate employees to deliver superior service and value in pursuit of that vision.

The mission: Achieve the highest quality results at the lowest possible cost in the shortest possible time.


The reality: Quality results, low cost and time must all work together in spite of their tendency to impede each other's progress. It is the balance of these elements that is the essence of management.

Some Thoughts

  • "Management is critical, but  . . . . . it is RESULTS that count"

  • "Judging by the number of people that call themselves managers it cannot be too difficult."

  • "Slow is fast."

  • "There is always enough time."